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I love the Colombian coffee it’s my…

I love the Colombian coffee it’s my best but the others are also great the aroma is just soo good. Great coffee and great service a little bit expensive on the shipping cost but all in all just great coffee👍🏿


Great coffee beans

Great coffee beans. Especially enjoying the Decaf.

Rober M.

Organic Kick Blend

This is the new favourite in our house. The beans smell so good and give a beautifully bold and tasty coffee without any bitterness.

Kelly B.

First time order

First time order. Got one of the multi-packs to test some of the range. Came quickly with a couple extra bucks shipping. Gonna be hard to choose a favourite!

Simon I.

Amazing coffee

Fast postage, the best coffee I have ever had, amazing!!!

Carol N.

My Peru Coffee

I havent had time to taste my coffee yet but l will say the ordering process and quick delivery was really efficient.

Mrs Maree L.

Ethiopia Coffee

I was attracted by the availability of my favourite origin (Ethiopia) and subsequent questions about roast dates and methods convinced me to try a couple of beans. Ethiopian and Costa Rican beans both hit the mark for me. Thanks from Sydney

Michael K.

Rural dwelling coffee lover

Easy Web pages to navigate. Prompt service with status updates. Great choice of courier for fast delivery. My coffee loving partner was thrilled with range of single origin beans.

Steve T.

Great local business …

Great coffee & amazing customer service, very reasonably priced too. Highly recommend this local business 😀

Caroline B.

Love the Brazil Dulce

I have tried most of the single origin beans you have available and have settled on the Brazil Dulce, I thought I would try the Sweet Valley Blend however had to make a significant adjustment to my grinder on the finer side to get reasonable pressure from my machine, all of the other beans I’ve tried only required minor adjustments so I don’t know what is going on there ! other than that always fast delivery and I will continue to enjoy my single origin Dulce no more blends for me.


They have a great selection of beans to…

They have a great selection of beans to choose from. Their beans are always fresh and promply despatched. Once there was a problem during one of the Covid lockdowns where the delivery contractor had our bean order stuck in a warehouse for 2 weeks in transit. Once advised, even though it was not their problem, they apologised and gave me a bonus 250gm bean sample. What could be better than that.

Russel B.

Well I enjoy a coffee as much as the…

Well I enjoy a coffee as much as the next guy but having a medical condition called AF so I can only have decaf. Finding decaf that tastes nice and where you can buy it with more than a “one bean” choice is not that easy.
That said, I very much like the flavor and intensity of your Single Origin Decaf.Highly recommended.

Kurt L.

Best Around

We came across the Coffee Beans Shop after running out of our regular coffee beans. Stoked to find a local supplier. We purchased the Organic Peru and the Gold Blend. These beans are head and shoulders above anything else we have tried, Oh and we have tried a lot over the years. Great friendly service.

Do yourself a favour and give them a go…. you won’t buy anywhere else after trying these beans.

Jason M.

The knowledge of the owners regarding…

The knowledge of the owners regarding the coffee they sell is excellent.
I started with a taster pack which is a great way to experience the different coffee available. I enjoyed them all. My favorite is Costa Rica followed by the Gold Blend.
I now only by my beans from the ‘Coffee Bean Shop’.
All backed up by very friendly and knowledgeable service.
Thanks ladies 👍👏☕️ Delicious. Love buying local too.


Christmas Coffee

This was the ideal christmas gift for the person who loves coffee and looking for the perfect coffee bean. The choice of packages available were great and varied, it was easy to order and arrived in 48 hours. So far the coffee beans tasted have been loved and the packaging allows the product to be stored and kept fresh. Thank you!

Kerry W.

We have not finished testing the 4 bags…

We have not finished testing the 4 bags that you sent and which are for us difficult to choose the best, because they are all perfect in their category.
The packages are very good for re-use and retain very well the delicate aroma of coffee.
We are looking to have another set to test.


Really tasty coffee!

Great coffee! Fast, efficient & friendly service 🙂

I ordered the smooth pack and also the decaf beans. The decaf is BRILLIANT! Full flavour, no bitterness, no chemical taste like decaf of old. So far we’ve also tried the Columbian and the Gold Blend from the pack and the flavours are really lovely.

I really can’t fault anything of my experience so far. Highly recommend!

Kelly B.

Would never have thought I’d be drinking coffee that wasn’t instant.

I bought a coffee machine to learn to make coffee. Our daughter introduced us to your online shop and she recommended we try a sample pack, which we did.
No more trial and error from the supermarket shelf, we are now hooked on the coffee we buy from you guys. And, if we want to try something different for a change, we buy a small pack first or look forward to the occasional free sample.



I had a chance to try selection of coffees from Coffee Bean Shop. My recent purchase was organic Peru and decaf. I am surprised that decaf tastes like normal coffee so it is a great solution for those who loves the flavour but cannot drink coffee with caffeine for medical or any other reasons. Organic Peru suits the description, is smooth and deprived of bitterness. I am sure I will continue to purchase the coffee and try other beans as well. Very professional service and quick delivery. Highly reccommended for being fresh, aromatic and delicious.

Angelika G.

Gold Blend Whole Beans

Gold Blend Whole Beans 1kg resealable packs – Coffee Beans Shop are the complete package. High quality freshly roasted coffee beans, extracting a beautiful thick golden crema with plenty aroma & flavour, pair this with freshly spun velvety milk for the perfect cappuccino, latte or flat white.


Received our coffee beans yesterday

Received our coffee beans yesterday. I have been (pardon the pun) waiting patiently for this delivery. Which I am already enjoying a brew from today.
Excellent service in every aspect where they have control over the outcome. Which leads me to the one area they cannot control and where it went south was the delivery time. I will accept that the time of year has an impact of a day or two but many delivery services are using the excuse of Christmas which I don’t buy because it happens every year, followed by the Rona get out of jail card.

Daniel. B

Excellent Service. Great Coffee

This is the first time I have purchased coffee from Coffee Beans Shop. I ordered 2 different coffees, Gold Blend and Organic Peru. The process was seamless, although I did take a time to review all the coffees available. The order was received in excellent time. At this stage we have been drinking the Gold Blend which is excellent and I will certainly order again on our next order. Our other bag which we will be drinking is the Organic Peru which hopefully is as delightful as Gold Blend.
Great service, great delivery time, great coffee.
Thank you Coffee Bean Shop. I am glad I found you.

Judy W.

Good Service!

On-Line web experience was excellent, Notifications provided in a timely manner, feedback responses to queries aso very timely {thanks Australia Post for the delay!}.
Product arrived and now looking forward to enjoying some new coffee flavours!

Joe B.

I don’t drink coffee myself

I don’t drink coffee myself, but I have brought from you guys 3 or 4 times for my partner.
She has not complained once.
Ohh sorry yes she did and it was only cause she we running out of beans lol…
Thanks Coffee Bean Shop,

Kyle A.

Great Coffee!

First of all, the Costa Rica coffee beans you offer are the best on the market in terms of flavour. Second of all, the ordering process is fast and efficient.

John T.

Delivered on time, good coffee.

Delivered on time, great coffee, I got a selection of 4 of vastly different beans. Some were not to my taste, but that’s a personal preference on me not the bean. I will be going back and ordering my next batch of favourite blends.

Coffee dude

Best coffee…

I couldn’t describe the coffee individually, but overall the product is not only very good quality, but the taste is absolutely sublime, a 10 plus 10 for me
Thanks, Coffee Beans Shop


Christmas gift

The coffee beans were a gift for my son for Christmas. I wasn’t sure which beans to buy him, so I bought 4 small size packages for him to try. He is really impressed with all of the flavours, but his favourite is the Platinum blend.


Coffee Bean Shop Colombia Supremo Beans

Purchased a 500g pack Colombia Supremo beans. Easy ordering process and the coffee arrived quite quickly. The coffee is superb and is easily one the best we have ever tasted. We will order again soon.

Ivan T.

The coffee’s that we have sampled so…

The coffee’s that we have sampled so far have all been exceptional, it is hard to choose a favourite. I would highly recommend the Coffee Bean shop for anyone searching for the best of best coffee to buy online.

Mary B.

Fresh and wonderful flavours

I can never decide which one I like the best, so I always order the sample packs. Delivery is super quick and the smell of the coffee when you open the box is divine. I highly recommend this coffee to any coffee lover.

Kirsty S.

Omg the best coffee beans I have ever…

Omg the best coffee beans I have ever tried, delivery was really fast and the service was the best. I would definitely buy some more.

Adela G.

Delivered as promised and good quality

Delivered as promised. Love the quality of the coffee, enjoying so much trying different flavours!

Seongwon BH.

Excellent coffee

I’ve only been purchasing beans online for around 12 months and used 5 different companies. The coffee beans shop has by far been the best and this is where I’ll be buying from for now on.

Lucy R.

Ordered online

Ordered online, and came really quickly. Only opened one bag of beans at the moment. The Brazil Dulce. I have say nice cup of coffee. Will be buying gain, I brought a mixed selection. ❤️

Tracy D.

Great variety of coffee to choose from…

Great variety of coffee to choose from with useful descriptions to help you decide. Fast delivery! Always great receive a package from the Coffee Bean Shop. It smells devine 🙂


Great tasting Blend

Great tasting Blend, chose the Premium and it ended up being the right choice. Creamy and smooth taste with no milk or sweetening needed.
On top of that a quick delivery too.


Great Coffee, Great to work with…

Coffee beans shop has been excellent to deal with. Came back and shopped with them again and will continue to do so.
Coffee is also great!


Ticks all the Boxes

Love the variety and the consistent high quality of the beans. Communication and postage also very good. Can’t really go back to buying anything less now. Keep up the good work 👍

Mark M.


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Harry Phung
Harry Phung
4 years ago
I got 1 kg of Guatemala pack via online order last week. The quality is amazing, especially the nutty taste which I really like. Will order it again!
Tom Krasy
Tom Krasy
4 years ago
I love to drink coffee, and I always thought that I can't make the same coffee at home as in a caffe shop, but when I tried the coffee from the Coffe Beans Shop I totally changed my mind. I have been looking for this taste for long time. Now I can enjoy the real tasty coffee at home.
Oxana Cheremisin
Oxana Cheremisin
4 years ago
The best coffee I ever had in my life! I tried all types you are selling and all of them are just super quality. Don't even think of shutting the shop down ever - you are irreplaceable for real coffee expert. Well done and good luck with future growth!
David Hunter
David Hunter
4 years ago
Best roaster on the Gold Coast, been buying beans from the Coffee Beans Shop for a few years now and I'm hooked.
Shauna Brennan
Shauna Brennan
4 years ago
The Coffee is Amazing and this place has great customer service!!Will definitely be using the coffee Beans shop to place all my orders!