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Cacao Euphoria

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Indulge in the blissful delight of organic drinking cacao: the ideal, nourishing, and delicious supplement for a joyful lifestyle!

Cacao, a marvel of nature, is a superfood brimming with health benefits.

Beneficial to both mind and body, it is rich in nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that promote healthy brain function while reducing stress and inducing feelings of peace and contentment.

As a coffee alternative, cacao acts as a gentle stimulant without the negative effects of caffeine, fostering relaxation and happiness.

With more magnesium than any other food, cacao enhances cognitive function, soothes the nervous system, and aids in muscle recovery.

Moreover, cacao supports digestive health by providing prebiotic fuel and promoting the growth of probiotic bacteria, thereby enhancing overall gut health.

As a natural appetite suppressant, cacao's polyphenols boost energy production in muscles, combat fatigue, and aid in fat burning.

Cacao, renowned as a natural appetite suppressant, not only boosts energy production in muscles, combats fatigue, and aids in fat burning, but it also stands as the most abundant plant-based source of iron in nature. Iron, a vital mineral, supports the transportation of oxygen throughout the body, consequently enhancing mental and physical performance, resulting in heightened energy levels and reduced fatigue.

Additionally, cacao's rich nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants have been shown to improve memory and focus, promoting cognitive function and mental clarity.

Cacao stands as one of nature's most abundant sources of antioxidants, fostering overall health and well-being while diminishing visible signs of aging.

Functioning as a vasodilator, cacao widens blood vessels, facilitating smoother blood flow throughout the body. Consequently, reduced strain on the heart lowers blood pressure and enhances the efficient transport of oxygen and vital nutrients.

Rich in sulfur, cacao aids in cell repair and protection against damage and illness. Additionally, it supports food metabolism, liver detoxification, and the production of collagen and keratin, crucial for maintaining healthy skin, hair, nails, tendons, and ligaments.

By activating the four primary feel-good neurotransmitters—serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins—cacao elicits feelings of happiness and well-being while serving as a natural pain reliever.

Made With Love Using 100% Organic Ingredients:

Cacao Powder 58%, Evaporated Coconut Nectar, Virgin Cacao Butter, Coconut, Raw Cacao Beans, Cashew, Hazelnut & Almond.

Contains tree nuts. Not suitable for people with tree nut allergies.

Refined Sugar, Dairy, Gluten & Preservatives Free. Organic and Vegan Friendly.

Cacao Recipe:

Ingredients: 1-2 tablespoons of organic drinking cacao, 200ml of your favourite choice of milk (cow, almond, coconut, etc.)

Hot Cacao Drink: Warm your preferred milk in a small pot until warm. Pour the warmed milk into a mug and add 1-2 tablespoons of organic drinking cacao. Stir well until fully combined.

Note: You can also add a pinch of cinnamon or cardamom  to give your cacao a unique and cozy flavour.

Cold Cacao Drink: To make iced cacao, blend organic drinking cacao, milk, ice cubes, and your favourite fruit. (optional). Popular fruit options include banana, strawberry, blueberries, mango, and raspberries.

Enjoy your delicious and nutritious organic drinking cacao!


Benefits of Cacao Euphoria include:

  • Serves as a coffee alternative for sustained energy
  • Promotes healthy brain function and reduces stress
  • Acts as a gentle stimulant for relaxation and happiness
  • Enhances cognitive function and aids in muscle recovery
  • Supports digestive health and aids in fat burning.
  • Rich in iron, improving mental and physical performance
  • Improves memory, focus, and mental clarity
  • Abundant source of antioxidants for overall well-being
  • Lowers blood pressure and improves nutrient transport
  • Supports cell repair and protects against damage
  • Elicits feelings of happiness and serves as a natural pain reliever

What is Cacao?

Originating in the tropical rainforests of the South American Amazon, Cacao (pronounced: KA-COW) comes from the Cacao tree, which is scientifically known as Theobroma Cacao. This small, evergreen tree produces seeds or pods, which contain the raw ingredient used to make chocolate.

Is Cacao a superfood? 

Cacao is considered a Superfood because it is packed with many beneficial nutrients, including: magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc and it is a rich source of antioxidants. It also contains high quantities of Theobromine – which has been shown to naturally lower blood pressure, and can potentially decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also improves blood flow, by opening up blood vessels and helping oxygen move more efficiently around the body – reducing the risk of blood clots.

Why Cacao?

Regarded by the Mayans as ‘The food of the Gods’, Cacao was highly prized by the native people and considered an important part of their culture – it was thought to have healing properties and was used in ceremonies, and even traded as a source of currency among tribes.

Why is Cacao a great coffee alternative?  | What is the difference between Cacao and Coffee?

Cacao is an excellent alternative to coffee because it is a great source of energy and it acts as a mild stimulant, without the adverse effects that caffeine has on the nervous system. Cacao produces a mild, long-lasting and more relaxing effect because it does not produce cortisol, which is considered a stress hormone that can make us feel anxious and nervous. Instead, Cacao makes us feel more relaxed and positively alert.

What is the difference between Cacao and Cocoa?

In its purest form, raw Cacao (pronounced CA-COW) contains many beneficial nutrients, including vitamins and essential minerals. On the other hand, Cocoa (pronounced CO-CO), is a byproduct of Cacao, which has been processed (usually through roasting or cooking).

Cocoa is commonly found in supermarkets and often used as a confectionery ingredient. However, it lacks the nutritious properties of Cacao – because the processing methods alter its molecular structure.

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Delivery time: Our standard shipping option with Australia Post is 3-7 business days for delivery. Express option: 24h-72h depending on the location in Australia.

Cacao Euphoria
Cacao Euphoria
Cacao Euphoria
Cacao Euphoria
Cacao Euphoria
Cacao Euphoria
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