Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Benefits of Drinking Coffee


Australia take notice! If you didn’t already have enough reasons to love coffee, it’s come to our attention it may just make you smarter. Yep, we are impressed too! While we are almost all aware it helps us stay awake - and it tastes good, now we have another reason to buy coffee beans. Really, who doesn’t want to be more intelligent? I’m already off to get my coffee beans online so I don’t run out! Caffeine, the active ingredient in coffee beans and a powerful stimulant, is one of the most used psychoactive substances globally.

You may ask, how does coffee make you smarter? (It may just help you find where to buy coffee beans quicker than a non-coffee drinker!). Firstly, it’s the caffeine and the inhibitory neurotransmitter, Adenosine, which is blocked by caffeine. This is caffeine’s main process in the brain. Neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine are released from the brain due to the increase in the brain’s neuronal firing from the caffeine. Sound complicated? Quite simply, numerous controlled scientific trials examining the brain and the effect of caffeine have been undertaken. The results have suggested an improvement in memory, attentiveness, response time, and overall cognitive behavior. The best results were from up to 4 cups of brewed coffee per day. With so many people in Australia loving coffee and regularly reaching out to buy coffee beans, we think this is fantastic. So, who’s up for a coffee?



Have you ever noticed one of the listed ingredients in commercial fat burning supplements is caffeine? You may not give it much thought, but there are a few reasons why. To start, caffeine is a stimulant and it affects the central nervous system. Caffeine has also been shown to stimulate metabolic rate along with boosting the corrosion of fatty acids. This is great news for those wanting to lose a few kilos! I’m reaching for those coffee beans right now!

It’s good news for athletes and those wanting more from their training and performance. Your athletic accomplishments may be enhanced with an intake of caffeine. It has been suggested the time before exhaustion is increased through caffeine intake. This delay is a big win for those who are looking to improve on what they are already doing and who would ever have thought that the simple coffee bean could help you perform better? Another reason to love drinking coffee!



You might think looking at coffee it’s only a mix of ground coffee beans and water. But there is more to coffee than only the dark water with a great taste.

The nutrients in coffee beans are not all lost in the process of making that delicious coffee. Many of the important vitamins and minerals are retained throughout this practice with those wonderful coffee beans proving a better supplier of antioxidants in the diet of westerners than fruits and vegetables – combined! Who ever knew coffee was such a great one for antioxidants? Now we do!


A single cup of coffee made from ground coffee beans and regular water from the tap contains:

11% RDA Riboflavin
6% Panthothenic Acid
3% Potassium 3% Manganese
2% Magnesium
2% Niacin


There are so many reasons coffee beans are good for you. The three we selected are only a few of them. With so many benefits, we can understand why Australians are reaching for their coffee beans. Not only in the café, but also to buy the actual coffee beans in Australia. With it being so easy to buy coffee beans online, you don’t need to search too hard to find where to buy coffee beans online and it has now formed part of the culture here even more. That being said, I’m off to drink a coffee!