Where our love affair with coffee began

Where our love affair with coffee began

As anyone that knows us would tell you, coffee is a HUGE part of our life. Not only is it an essential part of our daily routine (we are human after all), but it’s actually our livelihood.


Not only does coffee help provide for our families here at Coffee Beans Shop, but it helps us to practice doing what we love every single day!

It’s this enduring passion for all things coffee beans that keeps us going day after day, and we are after all completely coffee obsessed.

Why is coffee so great you may ask and why are we such diehard coffee lovers? The answer is that most people love coffee. And here at Coffee Beans Shop Australia we source the best single origin coffee beans worldwide and also create some of the best roasted coffee beans daily and best coffee blends too!

So really, it’s more than just a coffee addiction to us!


We love coffee and want to share that passion with you

Coffee Beans Shop Australia is your go-to online source for the best coffee beans in Australia, where friendly customer service and efficiency is key to our success. Not only that, but our wide range of coffee beans taste pretty tarn good too.

Now that we have opened our fantastic new flagship retail store and espresso bar in the heart of vibrant Burleigh Heads on Queensland’s Gold Coast, word is travelling quick that we produce some of the best coffee in Burleigh!

With fierce competition from some excellent businesses, we are keen to show you the best local coffee we have on offer!

Being in the business now for over a decade, the team at Coffee Beans Shop know a good brew when they see it. We are committed to ethically sourced coffee beans wherever possible and love to show our customers why coffee is so great. If you have never been that much of a fan, we may just be able to turn you coffee obsessed!

If you can’t make it into our brand new store on the Gold Coast, remember that Coffee Beans Shop Australia’s entire range is on our website and we stand behind our proud history of delivering exceptional service for all our wholesale coffee beans customers.


Coffee Beans Shop Origins

We started our humble, Australian family-owned enterprise 2011 when opening our first coffee shop, Chill in Café, in Palm Beach, which was also our roasting location at the time.

After dual managing Chill in Café and Coffee Beans Shop for 10 years, we decided to make our Coffee Beans Shop business our full-time focus, meaning more time to roast the best coffee beans and provide coffee lovers with the best product, 7 days a week.

Fast forward to today and we are bigger and better than ever! Our new retail store and espresso bar is NOW OPEN, and we are stocking a wide range of the best coffee beans you can get your hands on, there truly is no shortage of amazing product for you or the coffee obsessed person in your life!


Our Promise, From Coffee Beans Shop Online to Our Valued Clients

  • We stand by our dedication to produce and roast some of the best coffee beans in Australia which come directly from diverse single origin regions across the globe, which in turn means we roast them locally, not overseas, drastically enhancing everything about the bean including the taste, quality, freshness, shelf-life and flavor profile.


  • Daily roasting ensures the freshest beans will arrive on your doorstep! No tired and poor-quality supermarket coffee beans that may have been in a cardboard box for god knows how long!


  • With independent coffee bean roasters, you are guaranteed extremely well-trained staff who know the ins-outs around the finer details of coffee bean roasting. Guys, it’s not a huge factory, we roast small-scale, the old-fashioned careful way and mostly by hand, to ensure your product is legitimate and the best coffee you will ever have!


  • With our qualified small team, we have the experience and knowledge to chat to you, the coffee enthusiasts and coffee lovers about roasting, DIY roasting projects, and our special signature blends and the best coffee beans!


  • No fuss, no preservative treatments and eco-friendly coffee beans! Our amazing coffee beans come to us green, raw and as nature intended. All we do is roast em!