Colombian Coffee Beans

Colombian Coffee Beans

Far beyond the cliche’s of drug-lords, mountainous piles of cocaine, dense rain-forests, the cascading peaks of the Andes and The Amazon river comes one of the world’s best cliche’s ~ the beauty of Colombian coffee beans. Colombian coffee beans are some of the most widely exported wholesale coffee beans, and you can find them as some of the best coffee beans online in today’s coffee online market.


The Colombian Coffee Bean Industry – Cocaine Cowboys it Ain’t!

Colombian coffee is not only widespread in terms of exportation and industry, but also popular with the coffee lovers of the world. It has long purportedly been one of the smoothest, silkiest, yet bold roasts around. Colombian coffee sits firmly in the canon of coffee history making it a region that produces some of the oldest coffee in the world according to the history of agriculture and farming. Records indicate that Coffee has been around in Colombia since the early 1700’s CE!

The exact introduction to the history of Colombian coffee beans runs the gamut of uncertainty. Various rumours indicate that it all began with Religion of all things; Historical evidence shows us that perhaps it was a Jesuit priest who acknowledged coffee crops within one of the Missions located along the Meta river. In the mid 1800’s commercial production had officially begun and the main goal for agricultural entrepreneurs was to acquire large estates for production houses and vast fields for crops.


The Best Colombian Coffee Beans – It’s All in The Details.

The general consensus is that Colombian coffee is 100% arabica, which as we know, gives out medium intensity yet bold flavors. The thing I love about Colombian coffee roasts and beans is that they manage to maintain a glossy and polished creaminess, infusing subtle cane sugary sweetness with that nice rounded out bold finish. It’s the perfect cup of coffee in terms of simplicity. No bitterness! Perfection! Colombian coffee has a fantastic scent when smelling the grounds, That full-bodied, punchy smoothness hits the nostrils and just makes people crave it!


Growing, harvesting and processing Colombian Coffee Beans

Colombian coffee beans are planted, nurtured, grown and harvested within high altitudes and mountainous regions of Colombia, once in the east but now widespread throughout greater Colombia. As we know, South America’s history for participating in many kinds of agricultural practices from Maize to Tobacco, etc, has been attributed to the dense, rich, fertile and moist soil which thrives in higher ground regions. Volcanic soil has always maintained a positive outlook for Coffee beans in general.

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