How to drink cold brew coffee and influence hipsters!

How to drink cold brew coffee and influence hipsters!

When you purchase Coffee beans, did you ever contemplate the vast potential of that humble fine ground brown mess in your palm or atop your teaspoon? Probably not. Most of us marvel at the transformative and revelatory experience in which coffee simply gets us through the day; Our lives are generally lost without it, we can’t function without its steaming hot presence, we fly into a rage without our dear Joe. We stay up late at night scouring the internet for wholesale coffee online and where the best coffee beans are located. We are helpless, addicted, alone. As Trent Reznor said it best, “You are the perfect drug”. He might as well have been talking about the local boutique coffee beans shop sourcing its finest single origin green coffee beans.


Cold Brew coffee, cool or lame in the eyes of the aficionado?

I’m about to let you guys in on a secret as to why Cold Brew coffee is ushering in an era of coffee aficionados ten-fold. Cold brew, or as some have coined it, slow brewing is a process in which the course, soluble coffee grounds are soaked, steeped and let’s get artisan here ‘aged‘ in water for an extended period of time within room temp or perhaps cold water. The estimated perfect time for this process is roughly twelve to fourteen hours, and some have capitalized on this process with certain machines such as the famous Toddy cold brew system. Many coffee obsessives have been known to create their own ‘labs‘ out of discarded french presses, strips of felt and even old 1990’s corporate-dad-style paper coffee filters. As Walter White proclaimed to Jesse Pinkman; “Let’s Cook”.


Cold Brew done the right way from the experts at Coffee Beans Shop!

One of the main heralded benefits or seemingly unlikely explanations to all of this ‘fuss‘ for what the haters enquire; is that cold brew coffee tastes far less ACIDIC! And we all know that nothing sucks more than getting a big load of bitter all up in your face at 7am on a Monday morning. Now many-a-rookie will be asking out there; Isn’t that the same as Iced Coffee? I drink that! The answer, in short, is hell NO! It truly isn’t the same. Virginal Cold brew coffee never, ever comes into contact with that steaming, satanic and soiled crap known as ‘hot water‘ which therefore guarantees a nice, slow and sensual brew with little to no acidity ~ cue Barry White’s Greatest Hits.


How did Cold Brew Coffee Originate?

Rumors fly about the place as to who really started this Cold Brew Craze. Some say the Japanese, some say the Peruvian, I’m not certain. All I know is that this stuff is good, and will please the enthusiasts out there wishing to try something new, truly tasty and to elevate their coffee horizons. I encourage those at home to buy coffee beans online, and try and create their own cold brew system at home, it can honestly be a lot of fun, and the rewards are great. Once you have cold brewed your beans, you will get a fine, syrupy coffee concentrate, and you can simply add cold water or milk to have perfect brew. Some people even heat it up slightly so it becomes hot coffee, but tastes a world of difference without the scorching bitterness that ruined the bean in the first place. Try our beautiful, low acidity 100 percent Organic Peru single origin coffee beans to go perfectly with your Cold Brew endeavors.