Ethiopia Coffee Beans

Ethiopia Coffee Beans

The world of Single-origin wholesale coffee beans can be a daunting one. But here at the C.B.S blog I love to inform and interest my readers with new and exciting articles on some of the best coffee beans on the globe and an array of options for you to buy coffee beans that will suit your tastes and palette best! We seek to educate those about wholesale coffee online and the vast diversity in which single origin coffee beans possess!


Ethiopian Coffee Beans Could Be Just The Thing Missing From Your Life!

Ethiopian coffee beans are a wonderful new avenue to expand your coffee tasting horizons. Many of you might not know that the actual original numero number one coffee plant of the Arabica variety came from Ethiopia! How crazy is that! The very birthplace of the tantalizing 100 percent arabica plant came from the plains of Ethiopia hundreds and hundreds of years ago in a stoic, ancient tradition!


Coffee In Ethiopia, An Important Cultural Practice

Coffee is still an integral part of Ethiopia’s agricultural exportation economy and its place in the greater business world of export. Legend has it that the plant was discovered hundreds of years ago by a shepherd after noticing the invigorating results that it had upon his sheep. We do not know if this purported tale is true, but as readers and coffee lovers we delight in stories like these. Ethiopian coffee comes under the guise of many diverse varieties, according to their starkly contrasted growing regions.


The Best Ethiopian Coffee right here at Coffee Beans Shop!

The best that Ethiopia has to offer, in my opinion is the Sidamo 100 percent grade arabica, which we stock here at The Coffee Beans Shop, It is a light-bodied bean with significant floral and citrus notes due to a vibrant, lustrous acidity complex. It demonstrates warm earthy notes replete with medium to high acidity. The Sidamo bean is a little concrete-colored one that looks tiny and insignificant yet packs a magnificent flavor complex that balances the fine lines between intense spiced notes with piquant fruitful earthiness.

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