Trying to break away from the mainstream coffee bean masses? Aching for a taste of different Single origin coffee beans from the usual? Endlessly pondering if the supermarket beans you are buying are really the best coffee beans you deserve? Tired of asking yourself why you purchase coffee beans from the same old place with the same old bland taste? Me Too! That is why I ventured into the wonderful world of PNG (Papua New Guinea) coffee beans which proves to be some of the best wholesale coffee online that you can get your hands on!


Production of PNG Coffee Beans

Can you believe that Coffee production in Papua New Guinea only constitutes a measly and minuscule 1-2% for single origin Coffee growing, harvesting and exporting worldwide! The big giants like Brazil and Colombia are truly the ‘Pop Stars’ in the coffee bean world as opposed to your much loved ‘indie-bands’! Although it only makes up a tiny percentage on a global scale, PNG coffee is one the nations‘ most lucrative and biggest worldwide agricultural exports, creating employment for many hundreds of thousand households and families.


PNG Coffee – A Critical Agricultural Export

As opposed to other worldwide coffee production regions, PNG coffee beans, agriculturally, are a relatively new development coming into form around the mid to late 1920’s. Coffee is rumored to have been introduced much earlier, but the ‘industrial‘ scale of it didn’t take off till this much later time-period. The PNG coffee production industry has experienced a historical series of highs and lows throughout its turbulent agricultural history. It managed to find its feet in the early 1960’s, falling slightly behind in the 80’s and  reaching a climax in the late 1990’s.


Growing and Harvesting PNG Coffee Beans

PNG coffee is grown in the highlands, which are known for its stunning and fertile mountainous volcanic soil. Approximately 90 percent of PNG coffee beans are made using the wet-process which in turn gives the bean a subtle, yet complex flavor such as the delicious beans produced in the Sigri area of New Guinea.

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Our delicious PNG Coffee beans possess an intensely fruit-driven aroma and tasting notes. Our PNG roast is abundant with delicious piquant fruitiness, dominated by overripe papaya and guava. Has light spiced notes such as cinnamon and clove. It contains very low acidity levels and naturally lower levels of caffeine. Harvested high above sea level in rich volcanic soil.

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