Easter Recipe – How to create dark chocolate covered coffee beans?

Howdy there Folks from the Coffee Beans Shop, the best place to buy coffee beans online. As I mentioned in the April edition of our online coffee beans shop newsletter, I suggested it might be cool to show you an interesting, Healthier alternative to creating an Easter gift with our fantastic fresh coffee beans rather than the store bought average Easter chocolate that is probably from last year’s leftover stock, ew!

We all know that dark chocolate is brimming with anti-oxidants that are good for you, any good quality dark chocolate of a cacao percent of 70 or higher contains a power punch of benefits for the body! And to make a super-combo of antioxidant power of dark chocolate and Roasted coffee beans, I have devised a simple and fun Easter recipe that anyone can make! Get the kids involved (with parental supervision of course as stovetops are highly dangerous!)

All you need is:

Roughly 220 grams of Dark chocolate of 70% cacao content or higher (my favourite brands are AlterEco, Lindt, Green & Black’s or Nestle Dark cooking chocolate)

Roughly 6 tablespoons of quality cacao not ‘cocoa’ powder (there is a difference!), check out the health food store for brands such as Willowvale organics, LovingEarth or Amazonian Superfoods, etc.

1-2 cups (depending on how much melting chocolate you have) of Coffee Beans Shop Roasted coffee Beans, (any origin or blend is fine but I highly recommend our Costa Rican and Organic Peru for this particular recipe.


Simply heat the chocolate over a very low-heat stovetop in a sturdy medium-sized saucepan. Once the chocolate is thoroughly melted, pour in your coffee beans and stir until all are well coated in the chocolatey, heavenly goo!

Line a good-sized baking tray with baking or non-stick parchment paper and remove beans from saucepan with a fork, attempting to strain as much liquid off beans as possible. place on tray and separate beans with fork without scraping off too much coating.

Dust well with cacao powder and give the pan a little rattle to make sure all beans are coated. Put in fridge to cool and harden for a couple of hours and voila! Easy as!


Warm Easter Wishes from Coffee Beans Shop. The premier place get the best coffee beans online and Coffee Beans, Australia.