Coffee = Sustainability!

Coffee Beans Shop, the best place to buy coffee beans online is going Eco-crazy this month, with devised ideas to turn your online wholesale coffee beans into roasted coffee beans heaven! Only with the best coffee beans, comes the best ideas!


If you love coffee beans, consume responsibly!

I was watching the television the other night, and as I was surfing the channels The Day After Tomorrow came on, a film laden with those depressing and familiar themes, environmental chaos, ecological collapse, apocalypse! With the film industry and Hollywood’s recent obsession with apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, I figured they were all riding the wave of Al Gore’s seminal documentary An inconvenient Truth. That these films were taking all-too-real subject matter and filtering it this daunting social commentary into a sellable, marketable commodity.

In our everyday lives in 2014 we are surrounded with intelligent, creative hubs of people striving to reduce their carbon footprint, constructing sustainable alternatives for millions of once-waste like products, to create what I like to call a ‘recyclable cog’ in which in the big picture of things, a small change can lead to an overall development in rewinding the earth’s weary biological eco-clock to restore a sense of safety in today’s crumbling society so we don’t end up like Charlton Heston in Planet of The Apes.


With every great cup of coffee comes responsibility

Here at the Coffee Beans Shop, we are encouraging you all this month to make a concerted effort to reduce your carbon footprint when it comes to one of the important rituals of the day, your morning coffee! I have a few really cool ideas to share with you, which range from a simple alteration in your coffee habits, to weekend projects you can undertake with the kids in order to make your house an eco-coffee abode! haha!

To all the fear-mongering germo-phobes out there! If you don’t need to takeaway your coffee, have it out of a mug! It’s clean I promise, I know we are a hand-sanitizing society, but you can save millions of resources by going without the takeaway coffee cup for just one month even! Some coffee shops though are genius enough to source coffee cups that are environmentally made from corn and recyclable paper to create earth cups that can be recycled! Good on them! In that case, go for it!


Coffee beans and recycling – the hard truth

Did you know that Coffee Grinds from 99 percent of coffee shops are mostly chucked out in the garbage at the end of each workday! Coffee grinds are actually one of nature’s best fertilizers and go great on anything from flowers, to herbs, to veggies and even in the compost bin! An old gardeners tale is that the worms get intoxicated on all the caffeine and can’t sleep, so they stay up all night fertilizing the soil, working twice as hard! As we all know a good garden will have plenty of worms in the soil to complete the diverse secret eco-system that sits beneath the botanicals! Coffee grinds contain an abundance of nutrients that help adjust the mineral balance in your compost and also greatly assist in the growing of your plants! The best thing to do is ask your local coffee shop if you can have the grinds at the end of the day, most of them are happy to do so!


Coffee recycling done the right way

If you do decide to takeaway your coffee, poke a few holes in the bottom of your empty cup and put a saucer underneath, now you have an indoor windowsill herb-pot! this can also be done with old plungers, milk jugs, teapots, whatever!

I will be posting a video with more in-detail tips, ideas and cool facts about sustainable coffee on the blog soon!

Thanks guys!


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