10 Best Coffee Quotes

Our Favourite Coffee Sayings

Over the years, we have come across many different quotes and sayings relating to our beloved coffee. We picked our favourite Top 10 coffee quotes to share with you. Which one is your favourite?


1. Good Ideas Start with Great Coffee

We couldn’t agree more. The caffeine stimulates your mind and the ideas start flowing! Stuck for ideas? Have a coffee and watch the brain start to buzz.


2. Insert Coffee to Begin

The day can start slow until you have your morning cup of coffee. The smartest have their freshly ground coffee beans there for when they wake up at home, ready to get the day started.


3. Everything Gets Better with Coffee

Noticing a theme here? Not only do you feel more alert, the taste is so good. You only have to smell coffee to start to feel better!


4. Too Much Monday, Not Enough Coffee

We can hear you all shouting, “yes, yes, this is the one!”. Monday’s can be a tough one, especially after a fun weekend. Particularly relevant after a long weekend or a holiday, for example that first Monday back to work after the Christmas and New Year break. Pass the coffee!


5. Good Days Start with Coffee and You

Your morning coffee is fantastic but what’s even better is when you can enjoy it with someone. When your partner or even your kids make you a coffee before you are even out of bed. Now that’s love!


6. You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy Coffee and that’s Pretty Close

You wake up, tired and grumpy. You don’t want to talk to anyone. Along comes coffee and you are then smiling, having a chat, feeling on top of the world and laughing. What else takes you from cranky to happy so quickly?


7. Coffee, the Most Important Meal of the Day

Move over breakfast, we think coffee is the most important meal in the day! Think about it, coffee is great as breakfast, for morning tea (it really should be called Morning Coffee), lunch, an afternoon pick me up, dinner and for an after dinner drink. Wherever you fit coffee into your day, we think it’s the most important.


8. I Only Drink Coffee on Days Ending in ‘y’

Now, which days would those days be that I drink coffee? I’m limited myself to those ending in ‘y’. We have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – every day! How can we not want to make the most of the best freshly roasted coffee beans each day and have a cup of coffee.


9. I’m not Addicted to Coffee, We’re Just in a Committed Relationship

The relationship you have with your coffee is special. Coffee drinkers are very often in a serious and committed relationship with their coffee. Not only the type of coffee beans but also how they make the coffee. Long black, short black, latte, cappuccino, ristretto, short macchiato, long macchiato, piccolo, the list goes on.


10. Coffee Doesn’t Ask Silly Questions, Coffee Understands

Last but not least, we know that coffee is never going to ask you silly questions. Coffee always understands. Coffee understands you are tired in the morning. Coffee understands you are cranky and could do with a smile. Coffee understands you want to stay awake longer when you have a deadline. Coffee knows the afternoon lull can do with some caffeine. Coffee understands sometimes you want to have a coffee late at night, even though you need to get up early the next day and need your sleep. Coffee will never question you, it will just be there for you!