History of Costa Rica Coffee Beans

History of Costa Rica Coffee Beans

Coffee is Costa Rica’s third main export commodity and it is one of the best coffee beans in the world. Costa Rica coffee beans are known for their quality and strong coffee scent.It is one of the best coffee beans you should check out if you want to buy coffee beans online. Although the history of this coffee beans is best experienced by traveling through Costa Rica, this article will equip you with all the information you need to know about the Costa Rica coffee beans and where to buy coffee seeds online.


Tell me more about the History of Costa Rican Coffee Beans?

The history of Costa Rica coffee beans can be traced to the 18th century. Coffee was brought from Ethiopia to Costa Rica in 1779 and was first grown in the Central Valley. Coffee plantations thrived in the area due to its cool climate and fertile soil. The coffee beans were exported to Chile via Panama where they were repackaged as Café Chileno de Valparaiso and imported to Europe through Arabia. This is why Costa Rica coffee beans are called Costa Arabia.


Costa Rican Coffee Beans, regulated and approved

The Costa Rican government recognized the revenue potential of Costa Rica coffee beans and started making regulations to encourage the growth of the industry. Coffee farmers were given free land for coffee plantation and production increased significantly. By 1829, revenue made from Costa Rica coffee beans exceeded their top exports – cocoa, sugar, and tobacco – and coffee became the country’s major export commodity.


How Coffee Beans helped to build a culture in Costa Rica

The history of Costa Rica coffee beans will not be complete without mentioning how it helped in the modernization and development of the country. The first railway – Ferrocarril al Atlantico – in Costa Rica was funded from coffee revenue. Moreover, the country’s national theatre was also built with coffee revenue. Till today, the huge architectural edifice is considered one of Costa Rica’s major tourist sites. Aside from the major development in Costa Rica that can be attributed to Coffee, it is generally believed that coffee played a major role in Costa Rica’s growth.

Costa Rican government established the Coffee Defence Institute (IDECAFE) in 1983 to regulate the industry. The FairTrade principle was adopted by the regulatory body to ensure a just distribution of benefits among the growers, millers, and exporters. The British invested hugely in Costa Rica coffee beans and they were the major importer till the beginning of World War II.


The Best Costa Rica Coffee Beans Online

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