How to Store Your Coffee Beans in Summer

How to Store Your Coffee Beans in Summer

You’ve bought your coffee beans online and when you get them, you realise that in this Australian heat in summer, you are not sure how to store your coffee beans. We are here to help at Coffee Beans Shop! Firstly, coffee characteristics are maintained longer as we roast and grind on demand.  But how do you store the coffee beans?

To explain, knowledge usually means more power and learning how to store your coffee beans during the hot summer leads to increased potency.  When it comes to coffee, potency always helps.  Heat, air, water and time are critical factors as far as coffee beans are concerned.  Roasted coffee does not like exposure to heat, because that increases its urge to release its goodness prematurely resulting in stale coffee.  Nobody enjoys stale coffee so therefore going the extra mile to understand and learn how to store your coffee beans in summer makes all the difference.  Coffee hates being exposed to air, oxidisation is bad news, spoiling the coffee beans far too soon.  Consequently, time permit these factors to come into play, even in the best storage conditions, as a result, take into consideration that a coffee clock begins to tick the precise moment your beans have been roasted.  Mastering how to store your coffee beans allows you the ability to reap its full benefits. After all, you want to make sure you are keeping the coffee beans you buy online in the best possibly way to enjoy them the most.


Keeping Your Coffee Beans Fresh

Some true coffee aficionados may opt to drink their properly roasted and packed coffee within the first few weeks of buying, however, that option is probably not practical for most.  Just learning how to keep your coffee as fresh as possible is very easy now thanks to the power of the internet.  Right off the bat, you should make sure to buy your coffee in bags fitted with one-way valves.  Avoid purchasing coffee that doesn’t come in adequate packaging.  Coffee beans emit gases after roasting that need to escape and you need to be able to expel excess air after opening the bag.  Failing to do so might make your coffee susceptible to going stale quicker than you can imagine.

Next, be sure to store your coffee in a cool, dark cupboard or a place completely out of reach of direct sunlight or perhaps other heat sources such as kettles, coffee machines, ovens, microwaves or stoves.  Coffee characteristics is maintained longer as we roast and grind on demand.  All coffee grinded or ungrinded is best stored in a cool dry place using air sealed containers.  Handle your coffee beans with care like precious pinot!  After you break the seal, it’s probably best served within a fortnight or so.


Don’t Freeze Your Coffee Beans!

Avoid freezing and refrigerating your beans because the frequent change in temperature leads to condensation inside the packet.  We already alluded to how water and air can affect coffee beans considerably.  If your machine has some sort of hopper where you can store coffee beans at the ready with just the easy push of a button whereby delivering your coffee on demand, it’s best to maintain it as close to empty as possible especially during the hot summer months.  Coffee beans require adequate protection from the elements.  Position them away from undue exposure to air and heat sources. Now you can buy your coffee beans online with confidence in Summer knowing you understand the best way to store them!