Protect Your Liver with Coffee

Protect Your Liver with Coffee

Are you having your daily cup of coffee each day and wondering if it’s good for your health? Well, you can rest assured, coffee gives you no need to feel guilty for indulging in your daily wake up each morning. So, grab those freshly roasted coffee beans and make yourself a cup of coffee!

A study undertaken at Britain’s Southampton University sheds light on how coffee affects our body. Analysing results from over 430,000 participants across nine different published studies, it was found coffee may help reduce liver damage related to excess of food and alcoholic drinks. The study showed a reduction in developing liver cirrhosis by simply drinking two extra cups of a day. How much was the reduction? Drinking one to two cups per day showed a 22-43% risk reduction, while drinking three or four cups showed a reduction of 57-65%. While there is no cure for cirrhosis, reducing the risk of developing this potentially fatal disease is of interest.


Coffee and the Liver

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, liver disease was the 11th leading cause of premature death in Australian in 2010-2012 with men accounting for 2 in 3 of these people in 2012 alone. While there are many ways to ensure your liver health is strong, it is good to know drinking coffee may help protect your liver. With more than one million people worldwide dying each year from liver cirrhosis, and no known cure, this disease, which can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption, hepatitis infections, fatty liver disease and immune disorders, is one disease you don’t want to develop.

At this stage, the researchers were unable to say exactly how the coffee would need to be brewed or what type of coffee, however their study is promising to all of us coffee drinkers, giving us another reason to reach for our coffee beans each day to make a fresh coffee.  Now, who wants a coffee?