The History of Organic Peruvian Coffee Beans

The History of Organic Peruvian Coffee Beans

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Some of the best coffee beans in the world come directly from Peru, South America. With the Coffee Beans Shop, we make it 100 percent worthwhile with Organic Peruvian Coffee Beans harvested single origin direct from the Amazon Basin to our roastery, then to you – The awaiting coffee enthusiast! The best part is, we offer our coffee online, at the premiere coffee bean shop, The Coffee Beans Shop, where our wholesale coffee is desired, craved after and supremely enjoyed by coffee aficionados as some of the best coffee within Australia.


The Origins of Peruvian Coffee Beans

Peru has formed close ties and long historical associations with the agricultural production of coffee. It has long been known that Peru has inherited historical agricultural techniques relating to coffee, practices and methods for many centuries dating back as far as the 1700’s!


Peru Coffee Beans – A Long and Storied History

The incas and similar cultures within Peru have long viewed the humble coffee bean as a staple of life, along with Maize and other essential crops. The agricultural ecosystems of Peru were extremely advanced even in ancient times. We so desperately get caught up with complicated methods and machinery in the face of modernity, yet we can learn a thing or two from the revolutionary yet simplistic techniques introduced by the highly intelligent and creative farmers of the inca.

Surprisingly, the bonds between the heritage and traditional farming practices to today’s methods, shade grown plantations and organic production bares striking and comforting similarities. The terraced, artificial leveled slope-land created by the incas around the basin of the Andes still remains an immense, complex and ingenious network of irrigation, fertile soil and geographical blessedness that thrives still today and allows coffee to be grown to its best potential and amazing flavor intensity.


Peru is the Eco-capital of The World For Coffee Bean Production

Peru may be somewhat primitive in its current agricultural methods and international agricultural standings and does not dominate the mainstream industry as the italians may do, though in terms of organic coffee production, Peruvian coffee receives immense praise and like-ability in terms of eco-friendliness and taste.


The Best Peru Coffee Beans You Can Get Your Hands On!

Our Organic Peru Coffee Beans possess a subdued creamy sweetness, mild tang with medium-low acidity and muted caramel notes. This makes this a perfect bean for organic enthusiasts, the eco-friendly minded and those looking for Amazon basin grown coffee in Peru roasted directly from the green bean source straight to you!

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